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Life as the Overflowing Manager


by Krista Rull, Manager of The Overflowing Cup

Macchiato, Breve, Duppio… these are just some of The Overflowing Cup’s everyday jargon. Having had the privilege of managing the OFC these last three years, my team and I have learned the importance of being faithful in the small things (and all the weird names).


We truly care about the smallest of things, as small as two ounces of perfectly extracted espresso, 16 to 18 grams of accurately timed grinds, and microscopic particles on your tongue that intricately detect bitter, bright, and bold flavor notes, all for the pleasure and satisfaction of your cup. It has been a desire to push our limits in the field of coffee, and it has been an honest journey towards excellence.

We here at OFC have made it our heart and goal to have our product be a factor that brings our guests to a place of thanksgiving unto the Lord. I have seen the Lord use the OFC as a venue for healing, encouragement, rebuke, and growth for so many people. We want our service to clear the way for the Lord to continue to do His work.


I have also learned to learn how people learn. Yes, it’s true. As a manager I double as a teacher/counselor. Every four months I get the pleasure of working with Calvary Chapel Bible College students in their practical ministry class, also known as their CM199. It takes me by surprise each semester how different each student is. There is no formula in ministry, because in ministry people are involved. Discerning how each student learns and grows has opened my eyes to the greatness of Jesus. His heart is to meet us exactly where we are, and I have learned what that means on a practical end. It is a humbling experience to be on the other side of discipling. Success can only be found in the Lord with the beautiful call that He had created — the call to make disciples. I have had experiences in teaching a student what faithfulness looks like, how as Christians we have a legitimate reason to work hard because we are doing it unto the Lord, and what is takes to have a humble servant’s heart.


The coffee shop at first glance can seem like a glamorous job, but behind the bar we ought to be hilariously willing to get down on your hands and knees and scrub inches of old milk off of the floor drains. I think about Jesus and His life, who came down from the throne room of heaven and took on the lowest job possible to set the standard of servanthood. He wasn’t too high of Himself to be humble, so with that we want to follow suit. I remind my team and myself at all times, no matter who it is, that we are to serve them and each other with the same love and care as we would if it were Jesus. I love my team, my job, and this season that the Lord has allowed me to be in this position; it is both challenging and an honor.

So, if you ever find yourself wandering about our property, please do us the honor of coming in and grabbing a cup of joe. We would love to serve you.

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