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Lent is a time of fasting. For forty days–six weeks before Easter–people give something up: sugar, an activity, social media, or food altogether. Catholic tradition is to forgo the fast on Sundays. The purpose of Lent is to draw closer to God; to repent, pray, seek His council, and deny self for the sake of being filled with Him.

Lent became popular after the legalization of Christianity in A.D. 313, but records show it has been practiced since the birth of the Church shortly after Christ’s death and resurrection. After many religious leaders in different denominations of Christianity agreed it should be an annual practice, Lent was an official religious holiday by the fourth century.

We encourage you to participate in Lent this year — March 1st through April 9th. Forty days of denying something for the sake of Christ is minute in comparison to the sacrifice He made for us on the cross. It doesn’t need to be something as radical as a complete food fast, either. Fasting from social media is something many Christians participate in during Lent. Maybe for you, it’s taking up a physical discipline like turning the television off and going for a walk for an hour a day instead or giving up caffeine for six weeks. Whatever fast you choose, sticking to it for the duration of Lent is important. It is in these times of denial that the Lord can break through distractions and draw closer to us as we seek Him for strength and sufficiency.

We hope your fasting allows you to grow in your faith and in your relationship with God! Stay strong and hold firm to the Word of the Lord.



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