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Drink of the Month

June’s featured drink from The Overflowing Cup is the Moroccan Mint Americano. This unique blend of mint and coffee offers a refreshing start to any morning.

What you will need:

  • 3 tbsp Moroccan mint tea
  • 2 espresso shots
  • 2 oz hot water
  • 6 oz ice water
  • splash of half-and-half

What you will do:

  1. Scoop three tbsp of Moroccan mint tea into pitcher
  2. Pull two shots of espresso.
  3. Add two shots and a splash of hot water to tea. Allow three minutes for steeping.
  4. Fill cup with ice.
  5. Pour tea over ice. Add ice water until cup is full.  
  6. Optional: add a splash of half-and-half.
  7. Enjoy! 

We hope you love the Moroccan Mint Americano as much as we do! Stop by the OFC sometime this month to grab one for yourself (or a friend)!

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