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Keep Seeking that Which is Above

“Therefore if you have been raised up with Christ, keep seeking the things which are above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God.” Colossians 3:1

One of the hardest things we have to do as Christians is to keep our eyes fixed on things we physically cannot see. God is omnipresent yet we aren’t able to see Him because He exists in the spiritual realm which is all around us yet invisible to the natural eye.

This is where faith comes in.

Paul tells us to keep seeking the things which are above, but how is that possible if we don’t even see the things we’re supposed to be focused on? This is why Paul commands us to “walk by faith, not sight” (2 Corinthians 5:7). We are supposed to allow our faith to guide our steps, not our eyes. It is so easy to give up on your faith because you see other people getting what you want and living the life you wish you had. Your prayers might sound something like, “God, why is it that they’re being blessed with all these great things and not me? They don’t even know You! They don’t believe You exist yet You’re giving them whatever they want. Why won’t You bless me like that?” Whatever it is you think you can get by believing—a good job, wealth, a happy marriage or family—your relationship with God should not exist because of what you can get out of it.

If you are saved, Jesus should be enough. He is enough. Since He is enough, think about Him. Don’t get caught up in circumstances, comparison, or complaints. Instead, focus on the person of Christ and the gift of eternity with Him in heaven. Jesus is where we should be putting our hope. If this life is hard, if the things we thought would happen by now haven’t become a reality, that’s something we need to accept. God did not promise us a life that would be easy. What He did promise is salvation. Heaven. His presence. Those promises are enough.

I think about the patriarchs of the faith–Moses, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob–and how they understood that God was sending Himself as a sacrifice for sin but they, themselves, wouldn’t see that promise fulfilled in their lifetime. Their faith that God would follow through was what kept them going, what grew their belief. Since we are blessed to live on the New Covenant side of things, we should have that much more faith in Him.

Keep your eyes fixed on eternity with Christ. It’s enough.

For more study, read 2 Corinthians 5:6-10 and Hebrews 11.

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