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On The Edge: Week Three

The third week of On The Edge marks the halfway point for the summer. Things are steadily slowing down as the summer gradually comes to an end, but there has still been much to do.

Students participate in different workshops during the summer. This year, there are four: medical missions training, worship, auto maintenance, and creative writing. Each workshop covers basic skills and training on how to effectively use what you learn in everyday ministry.

ote 7ote 6 ote 8 Photos by Faith Amargo, Kevin Peters, and Joseph Jaramillo

Banquet is another event the students look forward to during the summer. Everyone dresses up and eats dinner together, while receiving different “hall of fame” awards chosen by the staff. This summer’s banquet, fiesta-themed, was held outside instead of in the main dining hall. The students dined on a taco bar and learned how to line dance. It’s a definite highlight of the summer.

Sara, the Head of Games, said, “This banquet has been the best by far! Having it outside allowed for more freedom to hang out and dance. It seemed like everyone preferred having banquet outside.”

ote 14  ote 12 ote 16Photos by Gabriella Velasquez-Artiga, Summer Hamideh, and Rainier Fajardo

Next week, the students will take part in Missions Week, where they’ll have the opportunity to either travel outside of Murrieta for a week, or stay in town and participate in Cross Culture Ministries’ Vacation Bible School. Three different mission trips will be taking place: one, to Bakersfield, CA, to help out with a VBS there, two, to St. George, UT, to help serve at Calvary St. George, and three, to Ensenada, Mexico, to serve alongside different orphanages in the area. This is the first summer of OTE where there are multiple missions trips.

Returning student Victoria said, “I’m so excited to go to Utah! We’ll be serving with a church, helping them out with their services and clean-up around the church. I think this trip is going to be stretching, but it’ll be good.”

Check out our week three recap video!

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