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On The Edge: Week Five

On The Edge 2015 has ended! Bittersweet goodbyes have been made, students have gone home, and staff members have begun the prep work for next summer. Final events such as Hunger Games, baptisms, a night of worship, and graduation close out the summer.

Each year, the games staff put on their own version of Hunger Game. Giving the students an egg as their “life”, each person has the objective of being the last person “alive”. This summer, a new addition of saving “Peeta”, a plastic, inflatable dolphin was added. The student who not only saves Peeta, but keeps their “life”, is the winner.

“Having to save Peeta made Hunger Games better, I think,” said counselor Juan. “Usually, people just hide out and wait until every one else is out of the game before actually playing. Having the mindset of protecting Peeta made the process go faster, making Hunger Games a lot more fun.”

On Friday, over twenty students were baptized, some who had just come to faith. Baptisms are always special, as you see the love these students have, both for each other and for the Lord, and for the unity that has been made throughout the program. The counselors are able to see just how much their students have grown through choosing to be baptized.

ote 30 ote 29 ote 33Photos by Aaron Sabio, Ray Fajardo, and Fuadie Valle.

After baptisms, the students and staff gathered together for a night of worship. From 10pm-2am, students sang worship songs and read Scripture, denying themselves and seeking to worship the Lord in spite of their tiredness. The night of worship closes out the summer program well, with the students and staff humbled before God.

“The night of worship was wonderful, ” said staff member Kylee. “It was great to spend a night worshipping; it’s something I always look forward to during the summer.”

On Saturday, all the students, staff, and family members gathered together to congratulate everyone for finishing strong. Each student that completes the five-week program earns three credits toward Calvary Chapel Bible College, allowing those students who desire to attend CCBC to have a head start on their education. Tears were shed, hugs were given, and students left with a desire to share all that God had done in their lives.

ote 31 ote 32 ote 28Photos by Jeremiah Doquino, Juan Juarez, and Delanie Testerman.

A student named Hannah said, “This summer was tough, but I would do it all over again. It’s crazy to think it’s already over, and that I’m not going to be seeing all of the friends I’ve made tomorrow, but I’m so glad I came. I want it to be next year already so I can come back.”

Throughout the summer, it is evident that the Spirit moves in the lives of those who come to On The Edge. Students that start out hardhearted and closed off are, by the end of the summer, those who are the first to share about what God has taught them, and are eager to serve fellow students and staff.  Staff members eagerly await the next summer’s program. OTE director Aaron said, “This summer was hard, but it was by far the best summer yet. I am so thankful for every single person that came to On The Edge, whether student or staff, and am ready to do it again.”

A big thank you to everyone who helped make this On The Edge program successful, but most importantly, we want to thank God for continually blessing this summer! We look forward to seeing you again next year!

 Watch the graduation video for a recap of what went on this summer!

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