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The History of MHS

Murrieta Hot Springs was noted for their fine dairy products. Guests found sweet butter, cream for their coffee, and cold pitchers of fresh, whole milk on their dining tables. Surge milking machines whirred at 3:00 am and again in the afternoon, milking the prize-winning, thoroughbred Holsteins. Unpasteurized milk went through the separator, diving the cream from the milk. Pigs and calves lapped up skim milk unused by the kitchen. In many ways, the resort was self-sufficient, supplying meat, dairy, and produce for its dining room. Hogs, chickens, and cattle were raised at the springs in the early days. The hogs supplied succulent pork for the tables and served as living garbage disposals. The resort did not keep kosher kitchens for Jewish clientele, some of whom enjoyed the opportunity to eat pork while visiting. Owner Judy Guenther remembers seeing a diner pull the waiter close enough to read the menu. “I want this kind of beef,” the guest said, pointing to a pork dish.

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