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MHS Amenities: Hot Springs

Found in the late 1800’s, Murrieta has been known worldwide for our luxurious hot springs. People from around the globe would make the trek to the desert just to partake of the beautiful and relaxing hot springs, including celebrities Marilyn Monroe and Mel Blanc.

Did you know that people once thought the hot spring water contained healing properties? They believed they could cure diseases! While we’re not completely sold on the validity of their healing properties, we do know our beautiful hot springs are very relaxing and allow our guests to unwind and feel at peace!

Throughout history, Murrieta’s hot springs have been one of the Inland Valley’s biggest attractions. Visit our conference center today to see for yourself what makes the hot springs so wonderful!


  • Connie
    February 8, 2019

    Does Alive Polarity still operate a Spa at Murrieta Hot Springs?


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