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Tips and Tricks: How to Make a Pour Over


Have you been wondering how to make a pour over at home? We are excited to share with you how Murrieta Hot Springs Christian Conference Center’s coffee shop, The Overflowing Cup, makes their very own twelve-ounce pour overs.

What you need:

  1. Gram scale
  2. Timer
  3. Hot water
  4. Your choice of coffee beans
  5. Coffee grinder
  6. V60
  7. Filter
  8. 12 oz cup



  1. Measure out coffee. You will need 26 grams of coffee and 390 grams of water.IMG_5839
    • Your coffee-to-water ratio is one gram of coffee for every fifteen grams of water.
  2. Grind coffee. Your grind should be a medium-fine coarseness.IMG_5852
  3. Take filter and fold the seam so the filter lays flat in your V60.IMG_5856
  4. Place filter in V60, place V60 over 120z cup, and wet filter. Pour out any excess water in cup.IMG_5858
  5. Pour grounds in filter.IMG_5871
  6. Start 30-second bloom pour.IMG_5879
    • A “bloom” is when you just wet the coffee. The amount of water you use should not cause the grounds to brew; you are simply prepping the coffee. Pour water in a circular motion, starting in the center and moving outward to ensure even saturation. Let the grounds soak for thirty seconds.
  7. Start first pulse pour. Fill an inch from the top of the V60. Let water drain. IMG_5887
  8. Start second pulse pour. Let water drain. IMG_5907
  9. Start third pulse pour. Let water drain. IMG_5912
  10. Remove V60. IMG_5916
  11. Drink and enjoy! IMG_5927

The brewing process will take three to five minutes total. It’s that simple! We hope you like your pour over as much as we do!

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